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Malar Rice brand commenced its journey in 1975. For more than 45 years we have grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the most preferred rice brands in the Western part of Tamil Nadu. We have managed to overcome every obstacle to earn the reputation and trust in the market among the buyers and the end users – the consumers. All policies and practices from procurement to supply are done keeping the welfare of all our stakeholders in mind. Each of our highly committed, resourceful and talented employees play a tremendous role in delivering impeccable quality rice to the consumers.

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The purpose is to make happy customers

To be the best in offering the finest and consistent quality rice to our customers every time. Achieving this was no mean feat and made entirely possible through the following:

  • Superior quality rice at an affordable cost.
  • Offering healthy rice varieties to our consumers.
  • Providing the highest level of satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement and growth.
  • Safety and hygiene of the products.
Malar Brand Rice - Managing Director

Mr K.P. Sakthivel

Mr K.P. Sakthivel is the managing director of Sivasakthi Modern Rice Mills. An ingenious businessman who is known for his hard work, straightforward nature, and business acumen, he has been pivotal in establishing the Malar brand to meet the demands of the growing population. Under his able guidance and leadership, he has combined the traditional methodology of rice production and distribution with the latest innovative ideas of manufacturing and selling to carve a niche for the brand in the rice industry.

Malar Brand Rice - Founder

Mr Prasath

Taking up the reins from his father, Mr Prasath joined the family business. From the time he took over, he has strived to implement his strategic vision in the rice industry. He is a firm believer that the quality of the brand will speak for itself and he’s taking every possible step to promote and market the brand through the most accessible and latest technology available. The brand should reach every household in every nook and corner of the target market is his ultimate goal and towards that end, he’s determined to leave no stone unturned in the efforts to bridge the marketing gaps in the rice industry by following the current market trends, building a strong network and following the most innovative and newest promotion technologies, platforms and strategies.

We are committed to offer the best.

We all must have heard grandfathers or grandmothers saying how food in their times tasted much better than it does today. We are here to offer such a fantastic taste every day.


We contribute to feeding Indians.

Many innovations are happening to improve the paddy yields, quality, taste and nutrition. We are proud to offer quality and nutritious rice to millions of people.


What makes an organization last for nearly 50 years?

The only reason is we have remained true to the vision. We have always done business responsibly. We are stronger than ever because of our suppliers, retailers and extraordinary customers.


We love paddy and everything about them.

From selection of a paddy variety to harvest, we have a set of standards to be followed by the farmer. Those parameters give us quality assurance and consistency in yield.


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